The most advanced technologies

Antiopea aims to bridge the gap between the potential of new technologies and the effective exploitation of these innovations.

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High-End technologies

Experts with complementary and multidisciplinary skills, Antiopea R&D teams constantly integrate the most suitable innovations to enrich the counsel and solutions offered to its clients.

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Icône de cadenas pour symboliser la sécurité  Blockchain

The Blockchain technology revolutionizes the concept of trust.
Companies’ data exchanges currently rely on external service providers, trusted third-parties, in order to protect shared information. Blockchain technology makes this unnecessary: well operated, this technology helps stakeholders within a network to secure and manage their data exchanges with complete autonomy.
Antiopea also operates this advanced technology in order to ensure integrity and traceability of information and documents exchanged between several contributors.

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Icône de puzzle pour symboliser le chiffrement des données  Data encryption

To ensure that only the involved stakeholders in an exchange have access to their information, our proprietary software is secured by design: it systematically encrypts all the messages and documents. Antiopea thus operates the most advanced data encryption technics to guarantee maximum protection and absolute data confidentiality to its users.

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Icône symbolisant l'intelligence Assistée  Assisted Intelligence

With its mastery in Assisted Intelligence, Antiopea enables its users to benefit from high-end tools to simplify their daily tasks. Based on innovative dynamic algorithms, these tools allow the automation of repetitive tasks and constant control over the network’s security state.

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Technologies we have developed:


ASM Protocol
Autonomous Security Management

The ASM protocol allows Axiom NRM users to secure their data exchanges in complete autonomy.

With this protocol, encryption keys are directly generated by the users. The control of data and potential leak risks are also identified automatically without the intervention of a trusted third-party.

ADC technology
Autonomous Data Certification

ADC technology allows Axiom NRM users to certify their legal documents and obtain non-reputable digital proofs in total autonomy.

These digital proofs are submitted in the form of automatic reports generated from Antiopea’s models or models specific to each organisation.
With the ADC technology, users can sign and certify their exchanges in a fully secured way.