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Exploit innovation tosecuremastercertifyyour professional exchanges in full autonomy.

Antiopea’s vision

Antiopea is a French start-up specialized in Blockchain, Assisted Intelligence and Cybersecurity that empowers companies with efficient and original solutions against breaches, identity fraud and data theft without disrupting the running IT systems.

As a result of the increase in companies’ vulnerability and the massive rise of document and data exchanges, Antiopea was created to offer to its clients the serenity and autonomy in the management, exploitation and securing of their critical data.

Exploit advanced technologies

The solutions offered by Antiopea rely primarily on Blockchain, a revolutionary technology on its way to becoming the technological reference against risks related to data and exchanges.
Also expert in Cybersecurity and Assisted Intelligence, Antiopea offers companies its proprietary software: Axiom NRM. A secured by design, ergonomic and easy to install software conceived for an optimal use without disrupting existing IT architecture.
Antiopea also offers companies a customized support service as well as training sessions for these innovative technologies.

Network Relationship Management

Based on pioneering technologies, the proprietary NRM software Axiom Network Relationship Management developed by Antiopea gives companies the opportunity to manage their network, secure their exchanges and authenticate their documents in a simple and efficient manner, for all their intra- and inter-firm interactions.

Antiopea also offers


Identifying the risks and opportunities that new technologies represent for your company’s specific activity sector.

Innovation Support

Develop your innovation projects hand in hand with Antiopea’s network of experts.


Allow your teams to understand and harness these innovative technologies with full autonomy.


Our expertise



We guarantee your data’s integrity with the use of Blockchain.



We operate data encryption technics tailored to your company’s needs.


Assisted Intelligence

We develop algorithms allowing you to protect and automate your exchanges.

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