The Axiom NRM software

Based on innovative technologies, the Axiom NRM software allows you to manage your network, secure your exchanges and certify your documents in a simple and efficient way.

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Axiom Core

A powerful software dedicated to Network Relationship Management

  • IAM: Identity Access and Management

    Administrate and manage user accounts of the organisation’s network

  • Protection and traceability of documents

    Encrypt your documents and master their circulation within your network even after they have been sent out.

  • Encrypted mailbox

    Exchange information with your professional network while mitigating leak risks and data corruption.

  • Management of accesses

    Control the access of users to the organisation’s resources in an autonomous and flexible manner.

Extend the Axiom Core functionalities with plugins tailored to your business needs


Secure all data exchanged between users


Sign and certify your documents in order to obtain non-repudiable digital proofs of exchange.


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Adapt the Axiom solutions to your needs

A solution that simplifies your life


No third-party company has access to your data. You are autonomous in securing and managing your data.


Simply add users to your secure exchange network, maintaining control over your exchanges.

Easy to use

Enjoy intuitive and easy to use tools in order to maximize your company’s performances

Complementary plugins for an enhanced performance


With all its fonctionalities, the confidentiality plugin ensures the securing of all data exchanged within your organisation.

Use cases

Additional functionalities

  • Autonomous prevention of leaks

    Be alerted of data leak risks and suspicious user behaviors

  • Integrity check

    Check at all times that the exchanged documents have not been corrupted and can be utilized by your organization.

  • Multi-factor authentication

Because we know that each organization is unique, the laboratory plugin allows you to create your tailor-made solution.

Use case

Additional functionalities

  • Adaptability

    Adapt the level of securing the exchanged data to its level of sensitivity

  • Upgradability

    Add specific functionalities valuable to your business processes

  • Support

    Benefit from a personalized follow-up from the Antiopea team

The optimal solution to boost your business

* With the customized solution Axiom Lab, you can select the features you need.

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